Accommodation Types

Apartment 30

Apartment 30 is located at the top floor of our stately building and has a robust and rural ambiance and colorful details. The exposed beams with other wooden elements make this apartment a wonderful, cozy stay. Above all the apartment has a beautiful view over the city. Dream away the day at apartment 30!

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Apartment 20

Apartment 20 has a wonderful view over the city and water tower, not to mention the cozy, indoor ambiance. By the use of neutral colors and rural elements, the room offers a nice combination of calmness and robustness. We’ve paid attention to every detail!

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Apartment 10

The calm blue color with golden yellow details gives apartment 10 a chique and royal ambiance. The studio is decorated with love, what makes you wanna look around endlessly. The bedroom and living room with television, cozy dining area and fully equipped kitchen ensure you’ve got all you need during your stay.

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