City sightseeing in Gorinchem: Top rated tourist attractions

There are so many things to do in Gorinchem. If there’s a chance to get bored in this interesting city? We don’t think so! Culture, history, architecture and the beautiful views of the characteristic waterways: with a variety of sights it’s quite a challenge to select the top rated tourist attractions. Are you here for a long stay? More nature, history and cities are within reach.  

Our fortified city is a sight on it’s own!

Did you know Gorinchem is the biggest authentic fortified city of The Netherlands? Only for this reason the city has – especially from our cozy boutique hotel – so much to offer. Over 400 years ago the medieval city became a modern fortress. Gorinchem has also played an indispensable role at the Old Dutch Waterline. As a result of the great military importance, Gorinchem is also known as a garrison town. While looking for sights, you’re standing practically in the middle of it!
Wat te doen

What to do in Gorinchem? Plan a city walk!

The port (Lingehaven) in the middle of the fortress, ancient buildings and mills and interesting stories behind great history heroes. We can easily keep talking about city sightseeing in Gorinchem. Please make sure you won’t miss a thing by just strolling around. We recommend a guided city walk. There’s so much to see, hear and read.

Our 5 top rated sights in Gorinchem

With the city walk in the first place, we picked four other sights in Gorinchem you must visit. Can you check off these 5 tourist attractions during your overnight stay in Gorinchem?


Guided tours and city walks.
Our number one recommendation where you will find multiple sights in Gorinchem. Just ask us and we will inform you about the possible city walks (with or without a cruise) or more specific guided tours like a poetry route or ‘Memory Brick’ scavenger hunt. 


The Dalempoort (an old city gate)
and the beautiful nature that can be discovered from here, is an unmissable part of this list. The gate (1597) is the only authentic city gate left in Gorinchem. This moment doesn’t exist without you. Curious what we mean by this sentence? Go visit the gate and you will find


The story of Hugo Grotius (Hugo de Groot)
His escape (1621) in a wooden book chest from Loevestein Castle is a memorable occurrence in the history of Gorinchem. After the escape he hid at a place at the market square (Grote Markt) before he fled abroad. Fun fact! The “Hugo de Groot Gate” is nowadays a front door and has a coffee bar next door. The name of the coffee bar – Hugo – is therefore no coincidence.

In the old town hall at the market square you will find the ‘Gorcums Museum’. This museum takes you back to the history of the fortified town and exhibits an impressive Golden Age painting collection from Gorinchem. Other museum recommendations are the Hendrick Hamel (Korea’s Marco Polo) Museum, the fire brigade museum and small museum The Listening Post.

The Big Church
your wonderful view from apartment 30. The church tower is the most striking building of the city centre. Curious about the view from above? It’s possible to climb this high (and a little leaning) tower!

Finished sightseeing in Gorinchem?

When you finished sightseeing in Gorinchem and chose for a long stay in our bed & breakfast, we recommend to see more of the surroundings. There is so much more to see! 

The fortress of Woudrichem

Woudrichem or Woerkum – what residents call the city themselves – is absolutely worth a visit and easy to combine with a visit to the Loevestein Castle. Wander along ancient facades, visit the historic harbor or discover more history on a nice terrace. The ferry from Gorinchem takes you past the fortress triangle. 

The line

The Linge is a river flowing in the Betuwe from Doorneburg up to Gorinchem. Did you know the municipalities Lingewaard en Lingewaal have their name from this river? Discover the water! Book a cruise from Leerdam (16 km) or rent a sloop yourself in Arkel (6 km). 

The Kinderdijk mills

Since 1997 the Kinderdijk Mills have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Dutch struggle with water, the help we’ve got from the wind and the multiple mills with all their own story: Experience seven centuries of Dutch water management at only 30 kilometers from Gorinchem. 

The location

Still looking for sightseeing in Gorinchem and surroundings? We hope we gave you enough inspiration for your overnight stay or weekend trip in Gorinchem. The central location offers a world of possibilities! 


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